How to join us

Official Chia Instructions.

Make sure you are running official Chia client 1.2.0 or later.


Step 1: Sync your full node and wallet

  • before joining the pool, your node and wallet must be fully synchronized with Chia blockchain

Step 2: Receive some XCH

  • you are going to need 1 mojo (0.000000000001 XCH) which you can get through our faucet service on Discord channel or through Faucet website:
  • join Discord
  • go to “faucet” text channel
  • type in message box:
  • .faucet <wallet address>

Step 3: Create Plot NFT

  • go to the “Pool” tab, and click on “Join the Pool”
  • choose “Connect to pool” and enter the url: (exactly, no ending slash) then wait for pool description to appear
  • click the “Create” button. In the next couple of minutes, the Plot NFT will be created, and it will appear in your “Pool” tab
  • You can now start creating Plots in “Plots” tab using this new Plot NFT to start farming XCH

Switching pools

  • Go to "Pool" menu in the left menu
  • If you already have a Plot NFT select "Change Pool" then enter
  • Click “Change” button