Frequentely Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What are non-portable (OG) and portable plots (NFT)?

Non-portable plots (OG) are all plots that were created before the update expected by the end of May. These cannot be used with pools, but can continue to self-farm.

Portable plots (NFT) can be created after the blockchain that happened on July. These can be plotted to a smart contract, which gives them additional functionality. Farmers can assign these plots to a pool, change what pool they are assigned to, or continue to self-farm.

How Chia pools work?

Pools are made up of a group of people farming together. When one of the farmers in the pool wins a block, everybody shares the reward.

The farmer that wins the block gets 0.25 XCH, the remaining 1.75 XCH is split among the rest of the pool, minus the pool fee. They will receive a cut of the 1.75 XCH equal to their share in pool space.

Can I join a pool with non-portable (OG) plots?

You can join a pool if you still have non-portable plots, however only new plots will be use to farm to a pool. Both type of plots can co-exist.

Farmers have been choosing to gradually move from OG plots to NFT.

Can I switch from/to your pool whenever I want?

Yes. Changing pools costs 1 mojo (0.000000000001 XCH). For instructions on how to do that, click here.

How many portable plots do I need to join the pool?

You can join the pool with a single portable plot.

How to set name in explorer? (alias)

Launcher ID is how a farmer is identified for each Plot NFT. That is a long hexadecimal string and not user friendly. For easier identification in our pool we allow users to set a friendly name for the explorer, an alias for your launcher ID.

Using the command line:

Grab your launcher ID: chia plotnft show
With your launcher ID, get the link: chia plotnft get_login_link -l LAUNCHER_ID
Open the link with your browser, set the name and click Save.

Using Chia UI:

Under Pools menu select your Plot NFT, click the 3 dot menu and then View pool login link.
Copy the link and open in your browser, set the name and click Save.

Do you have any other questions?

Please let us know if you have any other questions so we can include it here. Feel free to reach us out at Discord.